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About Bangladesh

HISTORY : Bangladesh lies on the eastern fringe of the Indian Sub-Continent, and its people have always been great lovers of freedom. As a result, the area has nearly always enjoyed a fair degree of sovereignty during its entire history, sometimes as one state and sometimes as several, with only perfunctory allegiance to the central ruling powers. It became a part of the British Empire in the 18th century. In 1947, when the subcontinent was divided into Pakistan and India, it became a part of Pakistan. When the Bengali nation separated from Pakistan through armed struggle in 1971, Bangladesh became an independent and sovereign country. LOCATION : The Bay of Bengal and Myanmar to the South East. It sits between 20’34” and 26’36”
North Latitude and 88’01” and 92’41” East Longitude. AREA : 1,44,036 sq. km.

Baitul Mukarram mosque Dhaka - Bangladesh

Baitul Mukarram (Arabic: بيت المكرّم‎; Bengali: বায়তুল মুকাররম; The Holy House) is the national mosque of Bangladesh. Located at the center of Dhaka, capital of Bangladesh, the mosque was completed in 1968.The mosque has a capacity of 30,000, giving it the respectable position of being the 10th biggest mosque in the world. However the mosque is constantly getting overcrowded. This especially occurs during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan, which has resulted in the Bangladeshi government having to add extensions to the mosque, thus increasing the capacity to at least 40,000.;